Our Process

From our studio to your home.

From design to production, we take pride in ensuring each step of our process is intentional and with the utmost attention to detail.

Inspiration | Each of our collections begins as original artwork by founder and textile artist, Amy Weisberg. Hand-crafted designs have unique characteristics that tend to not only preserve the natural nuances of the original hand, but celebrate them. 

Materials | From the certified Belgian Linen we use, to our eco-friendly dyes, sustainability is our priority. Our linen is woven from flax, which grows naturally in harmony without irrigation. With each crop, all parts of the flax plant are used, minimizing waste and making a small, yet meaningful step towards preserving mother nature. More on our commitment to sustainability here.

Production | Our designs are brought to life through responsible production practices. At like.leigh we have chosen to partner with a family-owned California-based screen-printer who specializes in the artisanal craft of small-batch printing.