Our Story

like.leigh  A modern, elevated approach to artisanal textile designs for the home.

Born from an appreciation of the nuances of handmade design, like.leigh is a line of hand-painted textile designs, purposefully made in Los Angeles, California. Designed by textile artist, Amy Weisberg, the collection honors the artistry of the original craft – a focus often neglected by mass market, digital textile designs. like.leigh’s textiles are locally screen-printed onto the finest, environmentally-friendly Belgian linen. More on our commitment to sustainability here.

Founder Amy Weisberg's journey to starting like.leigh was a personal one. After losing her mother to cancer, she became motivated by the sentiment that the way in which we choose to spend our time is especially important. So, after over a decade of designing for large companies who seemed more motivated by mass-production and computer aided efficiency, Amy took a much needed risk and started a venture that reconnected her to the craft and artistry that initially pulled her to textile design. 

Through the process of starting like.leigh, I have realized that so much of who my mom was, lives on in me. In each hand-crafted detail, I have reconnected to what makes me feel truly fulfilled. My mom and I were so much alike. Her name was Sandra Leigh, and I am just like.leigh" -founder, Amy Weisberg