The like.leigh Story

The like.leigh Story

Introducing like.leigh: A modern, minimalist approach to artisanal textile design for the home. This is our story.

My mom and I were so much alike. Her name was Sandra Leigh, and I am just like.leigh."

A word from like.leigh founder, Amy Weisberg:

Welcome! I’m so glad you’re here. like.leigh has been a true labor of love, and I want to let you in on what we’re all about and how we got here. 

like.leigh was born from an appreciation of the individuality of handmade design. As a textile artist, I have worked in the industry for over a decade for various fashion, home, and accessories brands. While I’ve gained an immense amount of knowledge from my experience, I felt that something was missing. Having studied textile design in college, I learned the history and origin of many classic techniques. I used my hands to create every project that I designed, and I felt connected to the craft from start to finish. Unfortunately, this is often lost in the world of mass-market design. With deadlines and quick turnaround times, the connection to the craft is often replaced by the efficiency of digital-aided design. While digital design has its benefits, after ten years of moving further and further away from where I started, I needed to reconnect. 

I started like.leigh after a very trying moment in my life. I had just lost my mom to cancer. In losing my mom, I learned how quickly life can change, and the way we choose to spend our time is especially important. So, I decided that after years of designing for large companies, I needed to take a risk and start a venture that reconnects me to the craft that I love.

Each of our designs begins with an original hand-created design. Whether hand-drawn, hand-painted, or hand-stamped, the aim is to embrace the uniqueness of handcrafted design. Handmade imperfections infuse our designs with soul. Machines can't do that. And that's how we like it. 

Each design is then locally screen-printed here in California. Hand screen-printing is such a special process with precise attention to detail. It allows for micro-batch printing and a true appreciation for the hand-feel of an ancient craft. 

Through the process of starting a business, I have realized that so much of who my mom was, lives on in me. In each hand-crafted detail, I have found the strength to push forward and reconnect to what makes me feel truly fulfilled. My mom and I were so much alike. Her name was Sandra Leigh, and I am just like.leigh.

Thank you for being here and taking interest in our brand. We look forward to bringing unique, artisanal, hand-crafted textiles to your home.

Amy Weisberg