From Flax to Linen

From Flax to Linen

Our eco-friendly textiles are not an accident. They're a choice. And they have an impact.

The small decisions we are making as a company allow us to be more intentional and responsible in our practices."

At like.leigh, every decision we make is part of a larger picture. We are deeply committed to bringing our designs to you through responsible production practices. But what exactly does that mean? 

In a world where mass production and fast fashion are steadily increasing textile waste by the day, it is easy to feel a little helpless or removed from the situation altogether. But the reality is that there are plenty of smarter decisions available, and we can all play a part in making them.

When deciding on fabric for like.leigh, there were many options to consider. We were adamant about choosing a fabric that was not only of the highest quality, but also impacted the environment as minimally as possible. Which is why we chose certified Belgian Linen™

Linen is woven from flax. Flax, by nature, is a "green plant."  Flax grows naturally in harmony without irrigation. The flax plant is gentle on the land and is easy to incorporate into modern crop rotation cycles. The process of growing flax requires very little energy and does not harm nature. With each crop, all parts of the flax plant are used.

Flax is often used in human and animal nutrition because of its very high content of alpha omega-3 fatty acid. Flax seeds can be used as a base for a fine flour used in medical compresses. Linseed oil, squeezed from flax seeds, is also used as a component in paints, cosmetics and soil coverings. As it turns out, flax is very much a gift that keeps on giving.

So what’s with the certified Belgian Linen™ and why not just any linen? Belgian Linen™ is a quality label that ensures that our linen meets three essential criteria:

  1. It is made from flax of European origin.
  2. It is at least 85% flax in weight
  3. It is woven in Belgium.

Ultimately, it is just an extra stamp of approval on our goods. It is a sign of our commitment to always bring you the finest materials – with a knowledge of where we are sourcing from and how they are made.

In addition to choosing to print onto eco-friendly textiles, most of our printed yardage is made-to-order. This allows us to only order exactly what is needed, minimizing waste. 

While it might seem like a minor step in the fight to preserve Mother Nature, we believe the small decisions add up. Making these small, intentional choices every day allows us to deepen our connection with nature. When we deepen our relationship with nature, we are really connecting more deeply with ourselves. This connection allows us to live in harmony with the rest of the planet. 

The small decisions we make as a company allow us to be more intentional and responsible in our practices. This careful approach ultimately empowers us to make beautiful, one-of-a-kind designs that you can feel good about bringing into your home.